As the archetype of Segway Powersports, the Villain contains an irresistibly powerful engine – designed to embody the modern SxS.
From its futuristic shape to its spirited performance, the Fugleman is a solid partner for exploring the world.
Smart Moving & Smart Fun
Access real-time data of your vehicle through Smart Commanding System (SCS). This intelligent interaction with your vehicle will lead you to epic places.
When you get near your vehicle, you can activate it via BlueTooth on your phone with AirLock. You can also use the app (with cellular data) to unlock the UTV remotely, using your phone as the key.
Drive Settings
Set various driver settings to customize your vehicle for a personalized fit to enhance your ride.
Safety Alerts
Set up emergency contacts within the app. In the event of a collision or rollover, the app will automatically send an SMS text to your contacts with your GPS coordinates.
Real-Time Data
View real-time data with speed, acceleration, torque and power output, mileage, and other vehicle data.
  • AirLock
  • Drive Settings
  • Safety Alerts
  • Real-Time Data